Jesus Generation Revival & Worship Center

The Holy Spirit may prompt us to add to or take from this vision at anytime — please have grace if minor adjustments need to be made it:

  • 24/7 worship and prayer intercession gatherings
  • congregational prayer
  • preaching and teaching the Word
  • praise and worship
  • broadcasting through internet
  • prayer for the sick
  • private counsel and prayer for those needing deliverance,
  • children’s ministry
  • fellowship for all in Christ’s Body – the Church family
  • appointed special speakers
  • approved Christian concerts
  • Church dinners
  • approved Christian movies shown 1 or 2 times per month.

We see a team of evangelists that are well gifted, anointed and equipped. They will strategically go door to door in mapped out parts of the city and the greater surrounding area.

Their purpose is to invite the people to the outreaches and Church services, and to take prayer requests and offer them prayer as well.

If no one is at the home or does not answer the door the team will pray at the doorway before leaving and place an encouraging gift packet. This packet will share the love and truth of Jesus with an invitation to the Jesus Generation Revival Center. It will also have a phone number to the prayer line.

There will be a food pantry kept clean and well stocked, full of pure and organic foods. This will be for those who have need in the Church family, and to help the elderly, widows, widowers and those in need that we see in our communities during outreaches.

Another very important part of the vision is to have huge LED billboards on as many major highways as possible.

These will first start in our regional Florida area, and then advance throughout the USA lifting up Jesus and proclaiming — Jesus loves, saves, heals and delivers you — and a prayer line.

We ask and believe the Father God to use these billboard signs to draw all souls to Jesus – John 6:44

And because Jesus is lifted up, then all men will be drawn to Him – John 12:32

As Jesus Generation Revival and Worship Center grows by the equipping and calling of the Holy Spirit we see worship leaders and teams trained through our Psalmist school.

The school will be for training true worshipers to minister to the Lord in song, music, worship, dance and inspirational art production during worship.

These are people that are choosing to set themselves apart from the world for the service to the Lord.

Strategic prayer and worship times will be scheduled at the center.

Good Lord willing the goal is to have a 24/7 full-time worship and prayer team serving the Lord around the clock. They will be ministering His Word and Song.

We plan to play Pastoral approved pre-recorded CD’s until all the needed time slots are filled with worship and prayer teams around the clock.

We envision a state of the art movie theater being built next door to the Revival Center.

This will be used to:

  • evangelize the lost and prodigals
  • encourage, train and edify the Church
  • present pure top quality full length movies, short films and teaching videos.

By the Good Lord’s grace and provisions we are in process of filming, directing and producing our first movie for Holy Father’s Glory. We desire to give the Lord the best in everything and serve Him with a spirit of excellence under His loving grace.

Our first movie has a two fold meaning as it conveys the depths of being a fatherly example to this generation and pointing people to the Heavenly Father. It will have drama and comedy that will convey the message of Jesus in an easy to understand language.

Trailer coming soon!

Our future short films and full length movies to be produced will have true life testimonies from various born-again believers.

These video productions will be done with a high quality cinematic approach with the best equipment that technology can offer.

Each movie will show life changing encounters with Jesus that demonstrates His awesome grace, love, salvation, healing and delivering power that brought them out!

Our heart is to reach the largest amount of people possible with the movies without any hinderance to it. In traditional theatre viewing a ticket must be purchased.

Nothing wrong with paying for tickets in a general sense — but for the sake of the Gospel being spread this can be a hinderance if someone truly can not afford it.

We believe the Lord desires to offer these high quality cinematic movies freely in His chosen theaters world-wide to all who will come, taste and see that He is Good. With God ALL things are possible!

The family activity center is another phase that is a separate facility to be located next to the Jesus Generation Revival and Worship Center. We envision that it will have a top-quality air-conditioned indoor state of the art walking trail.

In another room there will also be children’s and family-oriented games that are safe and pure such as:

  • air hockey, fuse ball, basket ball hoops game, etc.

All with Word and Christ-centered atmosphere and décor.

We would also like to have a safe and clean outdoor play space that is well shaded for children and families to play and picnic.

Both the indoor and outdoor facility will be open often with well trained Church staff supervision to help stay at home Mom’s and homeschoolers have a safe and fun place to play during the week.