Below is a list of what your cheerful giving provides

Funds are distributed to where it is most needed at the time.

  • My Father’s House

    My Father’s House is funded by free will donations and love offerings. When you get involved by sending in your support you are helping make guest Sabbatical stays much more easily affordable for them, should they not be able to give at the time they need a rest at My Fathers House. Donations also help to provide guests their meals, help with their transportation if needed, pay the staff, property upkeep expenses such as lawn care, utilities, house keeping etc.,.

  • Media Production

    Helping to keep abundant supply of recorded music sharable through multi media and the CDs in stock for distribution of orders to the Nations, while also making them freely available for the poor. All of the Lilyband Psalmist CD and MP3 downloads are available for a love offering donation.

Brief Overview of Jesus Generation

Pastors Gary & Rhonda Petzoldt have been in ministry together as husband and wife since 2003. They are both licensed and ordained Ministers of the Gospel. Several years before their marriage they were involved in other ministries and various works of the Gospel. Jesus Generation is registered as a tax exempt Church in the state of Florida.

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