This prophetic and encouraging word with teaching was received by Rhonda yesterday morning and today. (November 9th and 10th, 2018)

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Be encouraged Beloved Children of the Lord Most High…He loves you so much! Yeshua the Lord Jesus made us “His” Church… “He” made us to be strong … “He” is in us who are “His” children… “He” is for us … He loves us !!! Oh how He loves us !!! And if He and God our good loving Holy “Almighty” Father is for us who can be against us !!! NO ONE …. NOTHING!!! NO FEAR!!! We CAN DO ALL THINGS THRU CHRIST who gives us strength.

“He has excepted us “… we are “His beloved” …our Holy Father has adopted us!!!  So fear not, only believe… refuse the fear of man … refuse the fear of rejection and persecution …refuse the fear of failure, lack, poverty, sickness, disease and being alone….REFUSE FEAR. When you refuse fear you are refusing the devils lies and tricks.

Say yes to Love and No to fear ! The only thing and person we are to fear is our Father YAHWEH Himself …to above all else honor, love, respect and be in Awe of Him….and He is graceful, merciful, kind, patient …He is Love.

“He” is truth …”He” makes us very useful … You are useful!!! I am useful !!! You have “got to” and MUST NOW get into His ”receiving mode” for to receive from Him His promises for you… He wants to bless you!!!  He wants to bless us!!! …say in your heart “ I receive… I receive… I receive “….  yes , I choose to be believing we “we’re already given” the love and promises of our Father YAH …His Word the Bible is full of His precious promises!!!….

You just simply receive those great and precious promises beloved’s of the Lord…say within your heart “I am receiving like a little child full of faith in a Good loving and Faithful Father”…get into the right “Christ like” mentality… invite the very mind of Yeshua the Christ to “be” your mind …to overtake “your normal way” of thinking…say within your heart “I am trusting in You Lord “… “I am receiving my miracles because Father God You are Good and Faithful !!! “

“I am receiving Your wisdom and revelation knowledge Holy Spirit… I am receiving my blessings, healings and my freedoms from sin thru You my friend and Savior Jesus” … Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord ! … Lord help me, “I am choosing” to live in Your Jesus like Faith and joy…yes, me…. 

Now be choosing to put into action your open praise, worship and thanksgiving to Him for alllll He has done, allll He is allll …allll

He has made you and your family and friends to be in Him thru Christ ….allll He is doing and allll He will bring to pass …Yes, every promise from His Word …when you do what is required !!! It may be as simple as crying out for mercy like a humble child to a Good Father or He may require something of you to do or to stop doing.

Sometimes there are “ifs” like… He will do this or that “if” we do this or that …you see! We must do our part too :) Pray for wisdom, His perfect wisdom and obey Him quickly. Humble yourselves and “Cry Out” for His mercy daily. There’s nothing wrong with showing Him some emotions some unique personality… you can be yourself with Him, yet I strongly encourage you to be very respectful.

I keep hearing over and over

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction Proverbs 1:7

“The Fear of the Lord is to hate evil” Proverbs 8:13 and

“Trust the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding, acknowledge Him in all your ways and He shall direct your path. ” Proverbs. 3:5-6

You see! The condition here is to trust Him with ALLLLL your heart and not to lean to what you understand… your understanding is limited …His is not. You better let your verbal confessions line up and agree with what you are praying for.  see James chapter 3

Not confessing by faith in a positive manner what you’re asking Jesus for is like the prayer being a car and the faith filled confession being the gas …if you don’t put the good right gas in, it wont go too far. Go to and know His Word for you… for all the situations you are needing wisdom in. Speak out His Words. Then simply obey Him as best as you can. Remember He is merciful, patient and kind….but don’t let yourself be lazy just because you know He is graceful… truly try your best and persevere!

We can believe Him … He is trustworthy! :) He is worthy of all praise and thanksgiving !!! and I’m not talking turkey and dressing! LOL  Give to Him the Glory due to His Name …. yes, for ALLLLL the promises and miracles that He wills for us and ALLLL the souls we have asked for … ALLLL the Nations … ALLL the things that line up with His will … and ALLLL of the things needed and wanted so that He and His Love, His Words, His Holy Spirit, His will and His songs are established through out in the earth to the needy hungry peoples …. people have been starving for the truth … STARVING!!!! Will you feed them? … feed them,  feed them !!! Go on feed them! :)  you can do it! 

It is Yeshua’s will for “you” to feed them and love them. Will you say… Yes, I will feed them … Yes! I will love …Yes , they MUST BE set free … they MUST BE able to hear… their hearts MUST BE softened …ask and pray for your heart to be as soft as Jesus wills it. Will you pray for others to be softened…   be softened hard hearts, be softened, be softened to the Lord Yeshua in His Almighty Name….be opened and useful to the Lord.

We MUST have all the tools necessary to bring in the harvest … the harvest MUST come in … we cannot sleep during harvest … we MUST get up and get out there and stay strong and bring in the harvest of precious souls … the heirs of salvation … and feed, encourage and lead His people as He wills under “His Headship” …  be about His business …be sharing the truth in love … be financing the ministries that the Lord leads you to support….it’s all so important no matter what your gift great or small it will help…we can rest after the harvest is brought in … you are strong ! He said let the weak say …Say, I am strong!!!! You can believe you are strong because of Christ !!!

We ALLL MUST DO what we are called, gifted and anointed to do … “Everyone’s”  work is so very important ! We all are His body, the body works together to accomplish each task…WE MUST REACH THIS GENERATION in this time that we have left … how much time do we have left??? Teach us Lord to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom. Allow yourself to feel the urgency of the work and the times we are living in.

They’ve been so hungry … will you feed them ? …. where would you be if no one had ever told you about the truth ??? Where would you be if when you heard it you did not listen !!! JESUS HELP US !!! We MUST humble ourselves and cry out to our Holy Father to help us to be useful …  very useful …. more useful!

Oh Lord let us cleanse ourselves and be Your silver and golden vessels of honor ( pure clean faithful honorable ) … We MUST put away the wood and clay ( our sin and flesh ) we MUST cry out for mercy, for us, our families, those around us and the Nations !!!…. We MUST cry out for their hearts to be softened…We MUST NOT give up ! We MUST NOT think we are just wasting our time. WE MUST NOT SLEEP IN HARVEST TIME … for that would bring shame.  Abba Father is so Good… He is sending His messages of grace for it is His heart to give us all His Good News. Let’s choose to be vessels of His loving kindness and tender mercies…. vessels of His truth and love.

Our Forefather of Faith Noah preached many years to a rebellious generation while he built the ark and got prepared for the catastrophic and deadly earth changing flood. Yet only he, ” his family ” and some animals were saved …only 8 people …only a very small remnant out of a whole generation and population of that Nation of people.

Only the “real” family of YAH will be saved …. those who make YAHWEH and Yeshua “Lord” and follow Him. That means “you obey Him” not you try to have you own way… nor try to convince Him to do things your way… nor take His mercy and grace for granted to the point that you are willfully living in disobedience in a cold or lukewarm state continually without trying to overcome the sin or problem yet still calling yourself a Christian.

Christian means “Christlike” …to follow Christ, to be a disciple of…. and Christ was certainly obedient to the Holy Father wasn’t He, yes, He was even unto death. Those who truly love Him with all their heart, mind, soul and strength …those who repent of their sin and turn away from it willingly… those who will not go back and eat it or wallow in it again… those who are not giving in to their fleshly desires ( if it feels good do it mentality = sin )  I know this is gross to think about yet it is true…dogs sometimes eat their vomit, pigs wallow in their waste and the mud and mire ….

The word of the Lord tells us that those who reject Christ, those who backslide back into sin are like those dogs eating vomit …it is disgusting to Him and all that see it! He said in the book of Revelation that when people that claim to be Christians become lukewarm in their faith and love and life that He will spew them out of His mouth…. He will not keep them!!! That is serious!

Yet know this, that if backsliding is truly repented of He will surely forgive and cleanse you. We must seek to be close to the Lord and stay with abide with dwell under Him, adore Him and do what He says the way He says to do it as best as you can…. and be glad to get to. :)  He is not cruel, He is graceful yet He knows all…so position yourselves under His Lordship continually …Oh, this is the best and safest place to be!!! He is God!

I am faced with this question …and I would like for you to think about this too …What was our American culture like about 120 years ago? what is it like now? How much has the evil and sin grown in our American culture and society since 120 years ago? Lets see… hummm  how many true preachers of the true Gospel have came and gone since then and what were the messages…Urgency… Repent and obey the Lord….live pure and holy. 

Are you seeing the point here …something is getting ready to happen. I’m sure that 120 years ago most all Christian nations were much more pure in their hearts and walk with the Lord than they are now.

The Word of the Lord says that as it was in the days of Noah so it shall be at the end of the age …they were eating and drinking and marrying and giving in marriage …He also says that all their thoughts were evil continually…Listen… only those who truly believe on Yeshua for salvation can be saved… only those who believe, respect, love, fear, serve and obey Him Yeshua and know Him and the Holy Father as Lord.

Know Him…really know Him… His unmerited favor… His grace….….receiving His grace … and His unconditional love and obey Him! Preach His grace and His whole truth “in love” :) ….. there is urgency….urgency urgency…. can you feel the urgency? 

The truth is Jesus is the Way, the truth, and the life …no one gets to the Father YAH except thru Him. John 14:6

So there is proof — there are not many paths to the same God nor are we little gods. I am believing that the new age movement cult and lies is eating itself alive …it is proving to itself that it is false … it is heralding love, joy and peace without a real relationship with Jesus and the true and living God YAH and His truth, His Word.

So therefore, it is impossible for those that have been deceived in those false teachings to be really and truly ok with it …they cannot be satisfied with it….it is leaving them in the dark, hungry, needy, confused, unclean and searching for answers until they find the real truth thru the true Lord Jesus Christ Yeshua.

This is a big part of the harvest to get the real truth in love out there to this generation who have been seeking truth and have been deceived by various paths of the new age false teachings and philosophies.

Jesus said if you love Me you will obey Me.  Let’s pray to the Lord of the Harvest to send more laborers into this His harvest field  … we need help in every way … truly the harvest is great but laborers are few … Pray. And then get up and “be” a doer of the Word and not a hearer only. Let’s bear MUCH good fruit for our King … to Him be the glory.

Oh help us Lord Jesus Yeshua to be all that You will … give us Your strength, joy, love, truth, blessings, provisions and Your direction….we want only Your path. Thank You Lord for helping us to serve You the way You will for us to serve …in joy …in Your harvest field ! Help us all Lord to NOT grow weary in well doing. Let the sorrow and pain of rejection and persecution be put upon You Yeshua…. NOW … Let the body of Christ not be heavy with sin, nor the weights of cares, oppression nor fears nor anything from our enemies …. oh help us all Lord …let us position ourselves under Your Lordship and keep Your armor on and stand strong and be victorious in Your strength always bringing You glory.

Help us run after You to reap who and what You desire Lord Yeshua Jesus by the leading of the Holy Spirit…. Stir us Oh Lord, Bend us….and let the Holy Fire of Your holy love blaze in, around, thru and to us forever….Let Your Holy Angels finish Your works for and with us Your beloved’s all over the earth!

And the Spirit and the Bride say ….Come Lord!

You all are very loved…you are in our prayers …Pray for us, our team and supporters as Holy Spirit leads you and let us hear from you soon.

Be extravagantly blessed!!!

In Christ,

Pastors and Psalmists Rhonda and Gary Petzoldt

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