My Father’s House – Prayer, Worship, Revival & Retreat Center

Extreme good and perfect blessings to all of you in our Lord Yeshua Jesus the Christ!

We encourage you to watch our latest ministry video update to hear what we believe the Lord is showing us to do next. If the Lord is stirring your hearts by His loving grace and Holy zeal to help us will you answer His call now in this time?

It is time to provide and build a wonderful and glorious House for the Lord and His people. My Father’s House – a worship, Word, prayer and retreat center. This is what we believe the Lord is calling us to do.

We invite you to co-labor with us to do great things for our Good Holy Father by His Spirit and reach many thousands upon thousands of precious souls of people in many nations abroad.

It is time to sow, time to grow and time to reap.

My Father’s House will be used for upcoming worship broadcasts and teaching sets, movie production, editing and sound mixing. It is also a retreat house for Pastors, Ministers, Prayer Intercessors, Missionaries and will provide 2 office spaces and a private living space for us. (Psalm 27:4-12)

His house is filled with His Holy wonderful loving presence, His Glory, His awakening, and His Revival.

We envision a professional video set on location to use for in person and online interviews revealing the awesome testimonies of God’s love and power. The interviews will declare God’s glory showing the wonders that He has worked for them. This interview format is similar to what our precious Brother Sid Roth is doing with It’s Supernatural. Let’s Go!

The My Father’s House retreats will give ministers a special time away from it all with their first love, the Lord. They will find rest and a time of renewal and revival in their body, soul and spirit. Upon request the food menu will offer pure, organic and raw foods, salads, drinks and juices. The food can be provided by way of catering or preparing healthy home style meals. There will also be delicious no sugar deserts. This healthy menu will help the ministers to heal and be built up with restored energy in their bodies for the journey ahead.

Click here to read testimonies from a few of the previous guests.

The ministry update video on this page includes pictures of the properties we are discussing for the use of My Father’s House. We can start right away with a large rental house and then as the Good Lord wills we can grow larger by building Him a beautiful and majestic public worship center. This larger center will give the capacity to hold more precious souls, serve the Word of the Lord and publish the Gospel in a much greater measure both locally and internationally.

Will you be the one or one of the faithful cheerful givers that the Lord is leading to give to Him here? We need to start up right away by purchasing or renting the best home that will accommodate all that He and His people need in this time.

To rent the house we will need the first and last months rent paid up front. This is an urgent immediate need while this property is still available and on the market. And to be responsible about the rent we need to present the financial security to the current owners from monthly faithful givers that shows every months rent will be paid in full and on time.

Perhaps there is a Kingdom supporter who can purchase and donate the property, or allow us to pay them back as we can. There will also be some new fine furniture needs once the house is secured.

If you are reading this update and already own a large seldom used beach house on the East Coast or in or near Port Orange, Ponce Inlet or New Smyrna Beach Florida or nearby areas, then maybe the Lord would lead for you to allow us to use or purchase your home as the next My Father’s House? If so will you pray about giving Him full use of that and contact us?

Come! Let us work together and give the Lord a great and beautiful House of worship by the sea.

You are loved and greatly appreciated for all you do for the Lord. Let’s all give Him our very best!

Let’s get set up now to feed and lead more precious souls in all nations and provide a place for His Ministers to come and be refreshed in His Word and Presence.

In Jesus Almighty Name — The enemies MUST get out of the way! No more hindrances to have the Lord’s House in full operation for His Glory! Lord make our way smooth because of our enemies, in Jesus Almighty Name! HalleluYAH!

If the Lord is speaking to you to help then please give us a call at 844-544-5559 or an email from our contact page so we can talk with you and hear what the Lord is telling you to do concerning His House of Worship.

The Spirit of the Lord says: Habakkuk 2:2 “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it.”

Haggai Chapter 1 . Luke 18:28-30 . Mark 10:29 . Matthew 19:27-30 . Luke 6:38 . Malachi 3:10-12

Shalom and be super extremely blessed in the Lord Most High,

Pastor’s and Psalmist’s Gary and Rhonda Petzoldt

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  1. Lili Skinner says:

    My spirit bears witness with the vision and all I have in my hand is extremely low finances, but wish to contribute and I pray a blessing!

  2. Ginger L. Griffin says:

    Praise the Lord! I sowed a Pentecostal Seed Of $50! May the Father’s House be blessed in Yeshua’s Name!!!! Love, Ginger


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