“The Shattering” An Encounter With Truth – Jessica Smith (Full Interview)

Hear this amazing true story from Jessica Smith, a lovely and sweet young woman and precious Sister in Christ as she shares with us in detail how she spent almost a decade digging into new age practices.

She then found herself deeply immersed in the study of meditative traditions from buddhism, reiki, yoga and more after slowly slipping away from her childhood upbringing in Christianity during her rebellious popularity-seeking teenage years.

Jessica’s journey of spiritual hunger took her into being a yoga teacher and master level reiki practitioner with a heart that really only wanted to help others be well and fulfilled. When she started seeking the Lord Jesus again the Lord revealed the truth that was hidden behind these deceptive spiritual practices to her in a most loving way as she battled against demons that tried to destroy her.

What started out in serious relationship problems and a terrifying experience with demons manifesting in her body ended up taking her to seek help with Christian counselors. The fear left her and Jesus set her free and she is free indeed! Now Jessica is filled with true love and light and wants this generation to know the real truth behind yoga — including gym yoga. You gotta hear this true story!!!

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This true story video contains very important information about the new age, meditation, mindfulness, occult, yoga, reiki practices, psychics and communing with spirits and the dead realm. Keep listening and hear more truth as it reveals the darkness posing as light that must be exposed for the deception of evil that it truly is.

Be more knowledgable to truly help yourself and others as you hear how the enemies of the soul masqueraded as an angel of light, wisdom, health and fitness, love, peace and goodness to a young woman
that was only seeking to help herself and others.

Jessica is a living testimony of the reality of the spiritual realm both dark and light
and the reality of the Almighty deliverance power from demons available to all who cry out to Jesus. Yes, there is FULL VICTORY in the precious Blood, Name and faith in Yeshua Jesus the Lord of all.

Jessica’s Mother never gave up and prayed for her precious daughter to be free from the darkness for all those years even in the face of cold rebellion.

Oh how Jesus loves you and me!!!

We encourage you to watch this complete full interview so you do not
miss any of this urgent message that must go out for this generation.


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Pastors and Psalmists Gary and Rhonda Petzoldt

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