WHAT ABOUT HURRICANES? What about the threat of hurricanes??? The above video is a recording of our Sunday night prayer and worship meet before the storm Dorian moved toward our location near New Smyrna Beach, Florida….This is what He led us to do and say by the leading of the Holy Spirit….He is AWESOME in His Doings…. Listen to what He said and Look and see what the Lord has done!!! He said SHIFT !!! SHIFT NORTH EAST ! ( We also kept commanding that and other authority words against and over the storm as it approached Florida for the next few days….we also kept crying out for mercy from the LORD! )

He is Good and AWESOME MERCIFUL AND ALMIGHTY !!! He gave me a very clear vision of seeing His Holy Right Hand holding the storm Dorian away from the land of Florida. I saw it spinning behind His protective Hand ! ( some may ask well what about the people on the Islands …this is briefly explained in this teaching …please know that we love and are sensitive to those who were hit hard ) .

..Remember … Jesus says “fear not… for I Am with you” …we can choose to have NO FEAR of storms, hurricanes etc.. or we can choose to fear and be anxious. We choose to trust in our Good Faithful Lord, His Holy Spirit leading and speaking out His Word by faith in the power of Yeshua Jesus Almighty Name. His Word goes forth and does what He sends it to do and does not return void but accomplishes what He sent it to do.

If it is in His will He will preform it …many times He said to the people ” Your faith has made you whole” when He was on the boat during the storm He was taking a nap the disciples woke Him because they ‘thought ‘ and ‘felt’ it ‘looked like’ they were going to die…but Jesus got up and said where is your faith and He rebuked the storm…I believe He wanted them to do it and let Him sleep …lol….it must not have been a judgment storm because He would not rebuke His Holy Father. (If people are visited by a judgment from God storm ( and there are some storms that are from the Lord because of gross unrepented long time abominations and sins) they are to humble themselves, cry out for mercy and truly repent for all sins with their whole hearts and do not return to the sins…better yet repent way before judgement would come!!!)

Jesus didn’t rebuke satan directly…He rebuked ‘the storm’ (it may also have been directed at the 2nd heavens and earth where the demons were trying to work)…. by saying what He wanted to happen at that moment…He spoke with His authority ” PEACE… BE STILL! ” and they saw the calm …the shift!!! They said even the winds and sea obey Him!!! This same Son of God lives in us when we are His born again children…we have His Name and authority to use against life’s storms, threats, sickness, lack, enemies etc…

Please realize ! We were praying and are still praying for all the peoples and lands that that the storm was destroying or came near. We as His children are ‘His’ ambassadors here on the earth and so we too have the rights to the power of His Name and what He wills for to happen. His Holy Almighty Name is above ALLLLLLLL other names including the names of storms.

We have cried out for mercy and used His powerful precious Almighty Name against many past storms Matthew, Erma, Maria, others from years ago and now Dorian…Jesus is Lord and our Lord is Faithful!  He kept us very safe. While we also prayed for others where and possibly could be in the future storm path. Some certain regions and places are given to His Ministers, Apostles , Prophets as their place of dominion the places where they are ‘called to watch and guard’ . There they have more influence.

We as children of YAH also have authority over all the earth in His Almighty Name only ‘as He wills ‘…yet it may be that our certain places that are given to us by the Lord to watch and have His dominion over needs to be stood over at the threat of a storm but we ‘must’ do so by His Holy spirit leading …because like Lot in the Bible if the Lord says IAM coming to destroy because of rebellion and unrepented sins you are to leave quickly …then you better be leaving quickly and don’t look back. (This is a short quick teaching sent out to help train others that desire it at this sensitive time ..it is not a complete teaching).

Jesus spoke “PEACE…BE STILL !!!” to the storm and it ceased to be and was no more. That same storm that caused His disciples so much fear that they thought they were going to die just died out and was no more !!!…even the winds and seas obey Him !!!  Make up your mind that you are going to trust Him and use His Word and name to do His will …His will is for you and those in your area of influence to be kept safe and blessed.

Find the true voice of Father YAH …be still and listen …pray in Holy Spirit …lift up your voice to praise Him and cry out to Him… follow Holy Spirit , His leading for your particular situation. We encourage you to speak by the authority and faith in the Almighty Name of Jesus directly to the storm Dorian and any other kind of storm that has been trying to approach your life or property to cause you fear, torment, anxiety, distraction, harm, destruction and any loss of time. If you did lose anything …ask Jesus for restoration and command the enemies to give it back even 7 times more! In Jesus Almighty Name.

Humble yourselves and forgive all others …stay out of strife and offenses …ask Holy Father for forgiveness of ‘all’ your sins known and unknown …and do not go back to the sins (so your being obedient and your prayers are not hindered) and for His loving mercy and grace for the future storms to even cease from forming and for none to come near you nor your families, neighbors the Islands the USA etc. 

Then as a representative of the Almighty here on earth speak out loud to the storm ( something like this) “in Jesus Almighty Name… Peace …Be Still …storms cease… be far from me and mine …dissolve into nothing and do us no harm nor destruction nor losses to our properties at all!!”  Now trust the Lord He has heard you and stay out of fears… continue thanking Him for His loving protection …He is a promise keeper… when you’ve done all you can do …stand.
live out Psalm 91. 

Use Godly love and wisdom…get and stay in touch with family and friends, stock up on pure water and foods so you are not in need of anything nor out driving during heavy rains….do only what the Holy Spirit leads you to do…follow the peaceful paths of the Lord….help others as He leads… Fear NOT. Stand.

Keep on praising, worshiping and thanking the Lord. This is another great time to do the work of an evangelist!!!  Wear your Christian t-shirts, talk with neighbors etc… about the goodness of God , repentance and His willingness to hear and answer prayers and keep them safe… this will add to the peoples peace and help give them Jesus direction. This could be what He uses to win their soul to Him!! 

Do not join in with anxiety nor fearful doubts and word curses on tv weather reports, ( we used the weather channel on our phone and no voices , no hype no fears no anxieties just a quiet and accurate view of watching the storm do as the Lord commanded it to do thru authority in His Name and His peoples prayers ) in phone calls, txts nor on social media …keep your comments full of faith and trust in the Lord….while encouraging others to do that as well. NO FEAR. Stand …and trust the Lord…He is GOOD ! PEACE …BE STILL !!!! in the Almighty Name power and Blood of Yeshua Jesus the King ….the Lord of ALLLLLL !!! A HUGE grateful thank you’s to all who were praying for us too!

Glory to Papa YAH forever …Amen. Thank You Jesus! 

Get and stay in His Shalom Peace Beloveds of the Lord. Follow His true voice and Holy Spirit …only.
Also remember to live out Philippians 4:4 & Psalm 91, Psalm 103, Psalm 107.

Jesus love and Extreme blessings, Pastor Rhonda Petzoldt

Jesus says, “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. I am coming soon!”

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