Testimonials of My Father’s House Guests

I was at My Father’s House last weekend…..It completely changed my life, and the way I see the Father….I thought that I knew that God loved me…I thought I knew that He was always present….But He has revealed His amazing love for me in many awe inspiring ways during my stay at My Father’s House and it made me realize I didn’t really know what I thought I knew…He met me in a powerful way and I can never go back to the way I was…..

Rhonda and Gary were very welcoming, they greeted me when I got there, and Rhonda showed me around before a very healthy lunch. They were VERY gracious hosts! I was not used to the love that they poured out. Rhonda’s cooking was amazing, I’ve decided to go wholesome and healthy in my diet habits. The worship that came out of their living room was without words…the love they poured out to the Father just melted me to tears…..It gave me a renewed and ever increasing determination to live JUST for Him…. The love they poured out to one another was also an awesome testimony and witness to the love and the life-changing power of our Creator…

“Swimming” in the Ocean of His love has increased my love for Him, and my fire and passion for God has returned….my vision for ministry that He has given me years ago has also returned…The Father has even given me a new gift! I love to sing and play music on my keyboard and it’s always been my desire to worship Him using a stringed instrument. I’ve tried to learn guitar several times, but it didn’t stick. During my stay this past weekend, He has enabled me to learn and has given me a desire to use the autoharp….I cannot wait to begin!
I am so ready for new opportunities and new beginnings and He has spoken both into my heart…And I know that it is just the beginning…..

The sunrises I watched rise over the ocean each morning that I was there were also without words, an awesome display of the Father’s love for me… And He has also given me some special little gifts in the many sea shells I collected when walking the beach… He met me at My Father’s House in a very personal, and powerful way….He has forever changed my life…EVERY believer NEEDS to have an experience like this…..and let it not be just an experience but a way of LIFE! All glory be to Him who sits on the throne, and unto the Lamb!! – Elisheva B