Jesus Generation 24/7 Worship Radio

Over 97 hours of free spontaneous worship, soaking music, prayer intercession and music for meditation in the Word of God is offered to you from this radio. As the Good Lord wills we will be adding more soon.


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Faith Teachings from God’s Word

Prophetic Worship – Jesus Generation Radio

The prophetic worship and soaking music available is recorded in a raw spontaneous flow by Pastors Gary and Rhonda Petzoldt of Lilyband Psalmist as they are inspired of the Holy Spirit. Jesus Generation Radio is a collection of these prophetic worship recordings for those who desire a closer and deeper walk with Jesus Christ, and for those who desire to know Him.

Gary and Rhonda are a husband and wife team who lead worship and teach God’s Word without compromising. They have a vision for a revival center in Florida.

For God’s Glory there is over 84 plus hours of prophetic worship and soaking music. There is much more to come.

Our prayer and confession of faith is that Jesus Generation Radio continues to grow exponentially and reach all the peoples of the nations very quickly. You can help this vision to expand and succeed by sharing this page with friends and also becoming a financial monthly supporter. Your generous heart to give as Jesus teaches and as the Holy Spirit leads you is very much appreciated.

Be extremely blessed of Him. He loves you so very very much! Let us hear from you.

Psalm 103

Prophetic Worship Lilyband Psalmist