Mary Babineaux – Written Testimony

I came from a lineage of strong godly women that had a lot of faith in God. I’m the fourth generation that received that same faith. I grew up as a Catholic most of my early life.

I was feeling empty in searching for God … really not knowing or feeling that he loves me. I was spiritually broken at the age of 12 years old.  When I realize my dad was having an affair it crushed me.   My life became a mess.  My daddy was diagnosed with cancer when I was 16 years old he passed away a year later. I never really felt his love …i am sure he loved me in the only way he knew how.
Meanwhile my life unraveled trying to find love in all the wrong places still feeling empty, now shame and guilt had found me too.

I had one daughter at the age of 19 out of wedlock

I met a man at in his 20’s …we married and had my second daughter.  I would attend a Church regularly, but Church was not in me… I was just going thru the motions. A few years later my marriage dissolved my husband was involved in drugs and he started being very abusive to me after a while I knew that was not the life that I wanted for me or my daughters. I gave him a choice…. was it going to be drugs, or his family …and he chose the drugs. I was heartbroken because I wanted to keep my marriage and family together.

I moved back to Texas and lived in an apartment. A few years later married again for all the wrong reasons. I wanted love and security for my daughter’s. That marriage didn’t last. He was a hard worker but also an alcoholic. One night as I was laying down I was moved to open the Bible that I always kept next to my nightstand but had barely opened it before that night …I was then prompted by the Holy Spirit to read Psalm 23 yet not understanding much of it. I just knew in my heart that something was going to happen or that He was preparing me for something.

A year later my sweet dear mommy passed away. She was my rock… full of faith in God. I was devastated and only God held me together.

Fast forward a little bit the Lord always brought strong godly women to take me under their wings and nurture me but really it was also to show me the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. In my mid 20s I gave my life to Jesus … still not knowing what that really looked like I still searched for him. I was water baptized at Lakewood Church in Houston Texas in 2000. Where I then lived for a couple of years.

In between me moving and feeling so empty, busted and disgusted with my life I was searching whole heartily for Jesus.

My Christian friend Maria’s would invite me to conferences where they were speaking in tongues. The Spirit of God was so strong and it just felt so beautiful and peaceful. A few months prior I was getting ready for a mission trip to Guatemala…My 2nd time going ,,,and was feeling so excited. One day as I was praying the Lord said you’re about to be undone and you will not be going on this mission trip this time. I felt sad and not knowing again what was going to happen. So many donations were coming in as I was raising money to build a home for a family there.

A few months later is when I was rushed to the emergency room and I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor. They sent me home to get prepped for my surgery …the brain swollen…the Dr. Told me I might be getting seizures…. But my Father had me in the Palm of His Hands. That week before my surgery the Lord was doing many awesome things in my family.

One evening as my husband and brother were keeping a close eye on me. I felt nudged from the Holy Spirit to walk to the front yard. So, I did He then told me I am going to be so Tangible to you.  A Good friend of mine that is a warrior king came to visit me the night before my surgery she told me that the Lord said to wash your feet. As my daughter Theresa and she prepared my bedroom with candles and prophetic music… they came and held me by my hand and ushered me to my bedroom. Wow!!!!  The Spirit of God took me and touched me from the top of my head to the soles of my feet and He worked in my heart for a while.

The next day I noticed I was bruised under my rib cage. That was the most powerful encounter I had ever had with Jesus. I felt him so so strong inside of me. 2 1/2 months later I was diagnosed with a subdural hematoma on the left side of the brain. I could have died but only God… that happened in my hometown of Corpus Christi Texas. The Lord used that in such a mighty powerful way.

I was in intensive care unit yet I would worship and continued to speak about Jesus to others. How faithful He was …I know many were touched by Jesus. Hope was given to many people that visited me including nurses and doctors. They were amazed of His miracle and His healing power if we ONLY believe.

in 2016 I went to My Father’s House in New Smyrna Beach Fl. where I encountered another amazing experience with Jesus. I love to dance and worship. It had been a while since I had done that. But those days I spent there caused an explosion in my Spirit a desire to worship in a war dance. The Lord has taught me to intercede and war for His kingdom. I love Him so much. I left My Father’s House refreshed renewed and restored!! Glory to God.

The Lord has taught me that when we surrender and be obedient to the Holy Spirit He is able to heal our deep deep wounds and deliver us from many things that are not of God.  He will never leave nor forsake us.  He will finish the work He started in me.

I love people… He’s taught me how to Love like he loves!!! I enjoy serving in missions, community, in my family and where ever else he sends me. I am so thankful that He always keeps His eyes on me…and saved me from the pit of hell. Thank You Lord!! I am still a work in process but will always continue to seek Him with my whole heart, soul, and mind! He’s shown me a lot and forgiven me of so Much!!

Healed by His blood!!! He told me “when I Release you, you will tell my people how Tangible I Am”, and how this world holds no reward! We truly have Victory when we follow Jesus no matter what life throws at us. Our home is not here… it’s in Eternity… Glory!! I am and will always be sharing the Love and forgiveness of Jesus to others!!

He’s Faithful and Tangible!!!

Mary Babineaux

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